Our dedicated staff practices skillful and patient techniques

Woo Woo’s Pet Adventure is positive-first doggie daycare, dog training and dog walking business in Marlboro, MA.

Meet the Owner

My name is Jess Klocek, CDT, and I am a proud pup owner of three rescue dogs, and also the owner of Jezzie Paws Dog Training and Woo Woo’s Pet Adventure. I opened Jezzie Paws in 2016, and saw the need for my clients’ to have a place for their dogs to socialize in a safe facility monitored by a Certified Dog Trainer. I’ve been a huge animal lover since I was a little kid. I’ve always been around animals, and find that I am the happiest when working with them. I was motivated to become a dog trainer to help train my own dogs’ and meet their unique behavioral needs. I earned my Certified Dog Trainer designation from Animal Behavior College, and have volunteered at several rescues. I am passionate about helping dogs bond with and trust their families through obedience and education.

We Treat Your Dog Like Family

Woo Woo’s Pet Adventure is here to help families who have dogs requiring basic training and behavioral modifications, especially those who need extra attention. We treat each dog and their owner as unique individuals and are dedicated to ensuring their success through personalized training lessons. Our ultimate aim is to help all dogs live their best lives through socialization and obedience training.

Positive-first Approach

At Woo Woo’s Pet Adventure, we utilize positive reinforcement, using treats, toys and praise as rewards. And we don’t use choke chains, prong collars or shock collars. We believe in working with each individual dog’s temperaments’ and family’s goals. We try to understand each dog and are passionate about what we do. We will treat your dogs like we treat our own at Woo Woo’s Pet Adventure!

Meet Our Daycare Attendant

Kai Millette

Hello! I’m Kai and I’m from Uxbridge, MA. I’m excited to hang out with your pups in Daycare! I’ve loved dogs my whole life, but a few years ago I realized I could channel that love into more than just dog sitting and walking, and I’ve found it to be incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing that makes me happier than making new furry friends, and spending time getting to know each of their personalities.

I share my life with my best friend, a rescue mixed breed named Boomer. From the moment he hopped up into my lap at the rescue, we’ve always been there for each other.

Together we play lots of chase and fetch and he makes a wonderful hiking buddy as well. At the end of the night, we’re also always up for some cuddles and a movie…even if we both usually end up falling asleep halfway through.

Our Mission

At Woo Woo’s Pet Adventure, our overarching mission is to become an integral part of your family, working together to encourage socialization, proper manners and overall good obedience with your dog. as well as exercise, growth and enrichment. As a caring dog owner, you deserve our unparalleled openness and transparency regarding your dog’s well-being. Our staff makes it a priority to be readily available to address any concerns or questions you may have.